How Real Estate IDX Integration Systems can Boost a Realtor's Business

August 25, 2017


In the real estate industry, your website is a very vital aspect of your business. A well designed site helps you to create an excellent brand. Your site can then become the principal resource for home buyers. Fresh leads can be generated faster and this will ultimately boost your property sales. One vital tool that helps your website to achieve all these is real estate IDX integration systems.

Currently, nearly all major MLS providers allow their members to show property listings from other real estate brokers on their websites via Internet Data Exchange (IDX). This method of feeding your real estate site with updated information from the MLS provider is what is called a real estate IDX integration system. In this post, we will be examining some of the major advantages of IDX integration for websites.

1. Constantly Updated Property Listings

IDX integration gives a realtor the opportunity to provide up-to-date property listings for their customers. The frequency of the updates depends on the type of integration system. FTP IDX will provide 12-hourly updates. The XML-based Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) will give you listings that are updated every hour. These updates will make your customers develop more confidence in your website and come back to your site frequently.

2. Excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your real estate site’s page rank can be greatly improved by IDX integration. Due to the frequently updated property listings, your site will be crawled often by Google and other search engines. The landing pages for search results within your site can be optimized by zip code, addresses, subdivision names etc. This will further boost your site’s search engine page rank. Your site would start to show up in the first 1 to 3 pages of search engine result’s pages. This will rapidly increase the visitors to your site and generate more leads.

3. Increased Income Potential

IDX integration helps to fulfill the ultimate aim of web marketing – to generate more leads and convert them into sales. Through IDX integration, a huge number of properties could be displayed on your website. Property buyers will spend more time on your website. They will search through the listings to locate the kind of property that suits them. Consequently your site will generate more leads which you can easily follow up and convert into actual property sales.

We connect our client’s websites to the MLS by using IDXpress, with this tool users can search and browse properties in your MLS. Additionally search engines index properties from the MLS on your website.