Five reasons why your ecommerce site is so important for your business

September 15, 2019


Here are five reasons why your Ecommerce site is so important for your business, not only during the holidays, but at any time of year. Most businesses realize the importance of having a good website. Making your business presence known online can be crucial to the success of any business, especially in today’s competitive market. Having a quality website up and running is never more important than around the holidays, when online sales can make up anywhere from 20%-40% of the annual sales of the business. Here are five reasons why your Ecommerce site is so important for your business, not only during the holidays, but at any time of year.

Online Sales Outweigh Sales Made Offline

Many people enjoy the convenience factor of being able to shop from home, whether it be in their pajamas at 3am, or on their lunch hour from work. Online shopping makes things easy and eliminates a trip to the store to make purchases. Therefore, it is important to have your website updated and running smoothly for customers.

Websites Influence Purchase Decisions

It has been shown that many consumers will check out a company’s websites for information about a product they are interested in. It is thought that half of purchases made in stores are the result of consumers having visited the business website first before making the decision to buy.

Holiday Sales

Many people now do their shopping online for the holidays. By viewing various websites, they are able to compare and decide upon which purchases to make. With so many sales online, if your business falls behind in developing or properly maintaining their Ecommerce site, this could mean a significant loss of revenue.

Websites Inspire Shoppers

Many shoppers will do a bit of browsing online before deciding to order online or make the trip to the physical store. With the state of the economy, people like to know a bit about the products they are interested in before making their decisions to buy or not to buy. This is why a quality website can benefit any business and increase interest and sales.

Maximizing Your Ecommerce Site For More Sales

By taking a few steps to maximize your site to make it an ideal shopping environment, you can greatly increase your potential for sales. Make sure you site is equipped to handle peak times of traffic, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Keep you site running quickly and smoothly so shoppers don’t get frustrated. Make your website offerings easily to search and find for maximum exposure. Stay up to date on website and mobile app information. Take advantage of using social media to promote your business.


By realizing the importance of a well running Ecommerce site, your business is sure to gain the traffic and attention it deserves.